Who We Are


Our  Mission

To enrich the lives of children and families

Our Vision

The Child Development Council of Franklin County, Inc. is nationally recognized as the premier leader in designing and implementing innovative programs and services for children and families.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Parents have the primary responsibility for their children and are partners with CDCFC in assisting with their development.
  • Children and youth must be our country’s highest priority for the investment of time, money and resources.
  • Our families deserve the same respect, social benefits and access to resources as families from any community; therefore, we are committed to quality, integrity and continuous improvement of the programs we deliver.
  • Our programs must be accountable to the community in which we work, and the dollars invested must have maximum benefit.
  • It is the responsibility of each team member to recruit and keep satisfied customers.
  • Service to our customers takes priority over all other tasks.

CDCFC’s work in the community is enhanced through our diverse collaborations with Columbus area organizations, including Capital University, City of Columbus – Recreation and Parks and Columbus City Schools, to name a few. We are governed by a diverse Board of Trustees, consisting of Franklin County corporate and community leaders; a Parent Policy Council, comprised of 51% active Head Start parents and community representatives; and, long-time President & CEO Mattie B. James, who also co-founded the organization. CDCFC has more than 420 full and part-time employees.