(Raising Intellectual Scholars of Excellence)

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 A phoenix is an immortal bird that when it dies, bursts into flames and is reborn from its own ashes.  “To rise from the ashes of the phoenix” means to make a miraculous comeback.

To help promote literacy, CDCFC in cooperation with parents and guardians at Linden Recreation Center have implemented a preschool literacy program called R.I.S.E., designed to improve the vocabulary and reading skills of Head Start children through intentional activities of their caregivers.

In the video, teachers are demonstrating to parents how to read to their children in two formats.  The first teacher is reading straight from the book.  She introduced the author and began to read the story in its entirety.  The second teacher is demonstrating how to read to your child without actually reading from the book.  She is reading using the pictures that are in the book and allowing the reader to create the story using their vision.


 For Children:

I am being Raised
to be
a strong Intellectual
to believe
in the Scholar that I am
and the
Excellence that I can

 For Parents: 

I am Raising my child
To be
A strong Intellectual
To believe
In the Scholar they are
destined to be
and the
Excellence that they will

 For Staff: 

I am Responsible for
enriching our Intellectual
Scholars of

Parent / Guardian Activities: Each participant will be asked to complete the following

  • Read at least 20 minutes every day to their child.
  • Turn off the television in the home (1 hour each day).
  • Take an educational “field trip” once a month to the library, museum, art gallery, COSI, zoo, etc.
  • Have books in the home for children to read.

Benefits and Outcomes of participating in R.I.S.E.

– Short-term

  • Passing proficiency scores in 3rd grade
  • Increased vocabulary
  • Improved parent/child relationships
  • Increased exposure to cultural activities and experiences in the community

– Long-term

  • Increase in high school graduation rates
  • Increase in number of students attending college
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Decrease contact with the criminal justice system, mental health system, child welfare system, and public assistance system
  • Full employment
  • Contributing citizen to society