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CDCFC recognizes and celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of every child. The foundations of school readiness include safe and inviting classroom environments; nurturing and responsive staff who care and respect families; and implementation of an individualized curriculum that can be tailored to meet the diverse learning styles of children. To prepare children for Kindergarten, CDCFC:

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  • Classroom and programs that are rich in communication and language to foster critical thinking, problem solving and encourage children’s imagination, exploration and discovery
  • Implementation of The Creative Curriculum™, c comprehensive, research-based curriculum that meets the developmental needs of all children, including children with disabilities and dual language learners
  • Empowering parents by strengthening the home-school connection through volunteer and training opportunities; implementation of home engagement activities that coincide with the curriculum; and utilization of parent input to individualize their child’s needs, growth and development
  • Offers a variety of enrichment activities to expose children to cultural experiences
  • Convening a School Readiness Leadership Team comprised of staff, community partners and parents that develop and monitor the agency’s school readiness goals
  • Collaborates with local school districts to ensure seamless transitions from Head Start to Kindergarten for children and families
  • Uses multiple data resources from parents, assessments, screenings and observations to individualize for each child

“To enrich the lives of children and families”

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